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Design Lead

Job description

Magic Sandbox

The world needs more qualified software engineers. With truly great engineers, designers and world class investors, we’re rethinking software engineering education from the ground up. At Magic Sandbox (MSB) we face some of the hardest UX/UI challenges available to designers. If you have a stellar portfolio of information design, UID and interaction design we'd love to hear from you.

What we do

MSB is solving the global shortage of top software engineers. MSB is a deep-tech training platform where developers are exposed to Google-level engineering challenges and up-skill themselves by solving them in a very visual and hands-on way. MSB merges hands-on training and real-world work experience by deploying advanced problems on real infrastructure.

Who we are

MSB came out of Europe's deep-tech incubator EF and is backed by US & EU investors. The founders (ex Infarm, BCG DV, Flixbus, Razorfish, Delivery Hero) are looking for a Design Lead to take charge of MSB's complex design tracks and compliment a team of exceptional software engineers.   

Product design mission

The overall mission is to take lots of information and moving components (that normally would lead to a cluttered & painful UX) and distill it to a functional and beautiful user experience. MSB users are software engineers themselves and it is the responsibility of the Design Lead to blow their minds.


What we look for

We look for a cross-discipline and hands-on Design Lead that lives for pushing the limits of UX & UI design. The ideal candidate has a solid track record of a wide range of experiences with a strong focus on information design, UID and interaction design. The Design Lead will own all design work at MSB and work closely with the founding team. Distilling and visualizing the cutting edge technology is one of the most challenging UX/UI projects available today. 

What we hope you care about:

- consistency, quality & branding

- to work in harmony with engineers  

- to always excel and exceed expectations

- to lead by example, take initiative, be hands-on

- deliver clean, minimalist but mainly functional design

- take full ownership and get things through the finish line

- be truly creative in solving tough problems, delight users

- be very curious and up to date with the latest tricks & tools

- leverage the latest design tools and front-end technologies  

- to not cut corners - like many agencies do - build it properly

- focus on the content and end-result, less on the design process

- let the best idea(s) with the best argument(s) win, we are 1 team

- love working in a team where engineers & designers run the show

- a premium severance package, gadgets, possibility to join option pool